Mission Statement

“A viable and innovative regional general practice, with an under girding Christian ethos, which meets the primary health care needs of the community”

KRS Health doctors provide a wide range of services, and a large number of doctor options in different locations. Patients are encouraged to seek all their general practice services from KRS Health. This will ensure your KRS Health general practice medical record is not fragmented.

KRS Health is a fully Accreditated practice committed to the provision of the highest quality of health care:

    • For all patients who require treatment or medical advice, regardless of background or financial means. Our primary focus is to provide healthcare services to patients who are disadvantaged or underprivileged in some way, or who are members of a recognised minority group.
    • Ethical healthcare practices and respect for the rights of patients are at the core of our philosophy.
    • The image and reputation of our Practice is very important to all Practitioners and Staff. We actively cultivate an environment in which professionalism and sensitivity, loyalty, integrity, honest and mutual cooperation are standard values in all our interactions with one another and with all other contacts.

Our Practice in undergirded with a strong Christian ethos.

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