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KRS Health is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. Dr Azer and Dr Guirguis offer local, cost-effective access to advanced knowledge, diagnostic techniques, and treatment in a comfortable and caring environment.

Why should patients have regular skin checks?

Regular skin checks give you a better chance of spotting the signs of sun damage before they become more serious. Regular checks will also help you get to know your own skin and help you gain a greater understanding of what is normal for your skin and what is not. This will help with identifying any new or changing areas on your skin.

Cancer can appear on parts of the body which are not exposed to the sun so checking these areas regularly is also very important. Sun spots and skin cancers that are identified early have a better outcome than most other types of cancer.

How to prepare for your skin check:

Before your skin check, consider checking your own skin to identify any areas which you feel need to be examined thoroughly.

On the day of your skin check it is essential that your skin is not covered by foundation, makeup or nail polish. The reception staff will ask you to fill out some paperwork specific to your skin and medical history. This is a good opportunity to note down any parts of your body that you’d like Dr Heba or Dr Samih to look at or any places on your body that you’ve noticed recent changes on.

For the comfort of our patients having a skin check please wear loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to take off and put back on. Nurse Nichole is available to assist any patients who need help with this. The amount of skin being checked is completely up to each patient although during this appointment time, a full body skin check is recommended.

To book a skin check at KRS Health or to find out more information and fees please call and speak with our friendly reception team.

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