Type Explanation Fee Medicate rebate
Level A Short Consultation $39.00 $16.95
Level B Standard Consultation $70.00 $37.05
Level C Long Consultation $110.00 $71.70
Level D “Double Appointment” $140.00 $105.55
Consumables Vaccines, Dressings Variable N/A

All allied health consultations billings are calculated depending on Doctor’s referrals and Medicare based referrals. Please call and speak to our administration team who will discuss the correct billing amount for your consultation.

Please note that it is expected that all accounts will be settled at the completion of the service. Patients with overdue accounts will only be further serviced with consultations when outstanding accounts are settled. For enquiries regarding your account or to arrange for a payment plan, please contact reception on 69226144 who will be able to discuss with you some payment options.

KRS Health offers bulk billing for eligible patients in the following categories;

      1. Consultations for all children under 16 years of age
      2. Consultations for all health care card and all pension card holders
      3. Those receiving Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) services such as General Practice Management Plans (GPMPs), Team Care Arrangements (TCAs) , Mental Health Care Plans (MHCPs), Health Assessments e.g. > 75 years, 45-49 year olds, all ATSIC clients, childhood immunisations, and most Nurse Bookings

To be eligible for bulk billing, we need to have your current Medicare Card number and expiry date, and we need to sight your current Pension or Healthcare Card and have the number and expiry date in our records

Please be advised that Dr Saldevar will generally not bulk bill patients in the categories above by his own choice and preference. If requested the practice will offer an alternative Doctor who does bulk bill categories above. All other Doctors have agreed to follow this general practice policy if a patient holds the relevant concessions.


Please note that due to continuing problems with arrears in Workers Compensation cases, upfront payments are expected until claim numbers are approved by an insurer. Patients can then seek reimbursement from the insurance company dealing with the case. Please call 69226144 to discuss all Work Cover enquiries.