Patient confidentiality

In accordance Privacy laws, patients 14yrs or over are entitled to privacy for their health records and therefore need to sign this form themselves, and any authorisations to release their records. Access to patient records, results and even whether or not they have an appointment with us can only be given to a parent, spouse, child, carer, or other third party with the patient’s permission.

It is the policy of this surgery not to inform you of any pathology or specific test results over the phone for privacy reasons. We will advise you if you need to make an appointment to discuss results of any recent tests you have had done if the GP requests this. Otherwise, if you have been actively encouraged to review any tests the GP has asked you to undertake please make a follow up appointment.  

Results will not be given to a third party without permission except in exceptional circumstances. 

We will occasionally send you a recall or reminder that our medical database automatically stores at the GP’s initiation. It is our policy to phone or SMS you at least 3 times and then send you a  letter to advise you that an appointment with your GP is required. Please ensure that we have up to date contact details at all times. 

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